{"default":"light up your life with led channel"}

Light up Your Life

{"default":"light up your life with led channel"}

Light up Your Life

Free Design Saves Time & Money

Important to know before starting the procedure:

  • We provide personalized solutions for product selection and lighting design.
  • The solution usually takes 6-10 working days to complete.
  • We'll send you a confirmation email after you submit the form to confirm your information and your request, please reply so that we can proceed with the solution.
  • If you don't receive our confirmation email within 2 days, please check your spam folder or contact us at support@muzata.com or 888-680-8850.
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Project picture/video requirements:

● Mark the length of the location where the LED channel needs to be installed.
● Mark the installation scene or room location and indicate it.
● The pictures/videos taken should be clear enough for designers to understand.
● If possible, please upload some photos of your project. This will aid in the design of lighting project.
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