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Diving into Muzata's RGB LED Strip Lights: Models AC1L and AC1T

learn all about muzata RGB led strip

Colorful, customizable RGB LED strip lights have become increasingly popular for creating vibrant accent lighting in homes and businesses. Muzata offers reliable, bright, and easy-to-use RGB lights that allow anyone to add an exciting lighting effect to their space. Two of our top models are the AC1L and AC1T LED strips. Here’s a close look at what these lights offer.

## Package Includes

When you order the AC1L or AC1T from Muzata, the package includes:

  • 1 RGB LED strip
  • 1 controller
  • 1 remote control

This provides everything you need to get up and running with your accent lighting. The flexible RGB LED strip lights allow you to position brilliant lighting anywhere. The included controller and remote allow you to easily control power, brightness, color modes, and more.

## Power Supply Requirements

Both the AC1L and AC1T are 12V DC LED strips, so they require a direct current power supply to operate. When selecting your adapter, here are the specs to look for:

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Current: 5A (max)

Always use a power supply designed for LED strip lights to ensure correct voltage and sufficient amperage for bright, long-lasting operation. Using an underpowered adapter can lead to premature failure of the lights.

For the 60 watt AC1L, a 5A/12V supply will generally be sufficient for strips up to 5 meters long. For the more power hungry 96 watt AC1T, you may need a supply rated higher than 5A for extended lengths.

## How to Connect RGB LED Strip

#Connecting Two Sections of RGB LED Strip Lights

Muzata’s lights make it easy to join strip sections for longer runs. The strips have solder pads spaced between each section for this purpose.  

To connect sections, follow these steps:

  1. Cut the light strip along the center of the solder point.
  2. Switch on the soldering iron and set it to the correct temperature.
  3. Connect one end of the light strip and the extension cord.
  4. Use a soldering iron to melt the tin wire and join the strip and extension cord together.
  5. Repeat the above operation, connecting another strip and the extension cord, making sure that the direction of the signal flow needs to be the same
  6. Connect the power supply to the strip and test the effect.

If soldering isn’t for you, you can also use LED strip connectors between sections instead.

# Non-Solder Connection Option

For those who prefer avoiding soldering, Muzata’s RGB LED light strips can be connected using simple 3 pin 8mm LED strip connectors.

Look for 3 pin 8mm wide connectors designed for the non-waterproof style of these lights. Just insert both strip ends into the connector and ensure the pins line up properly. 

This achieves the same continuous connection without any tools or technical skills required.

## Extending Your Run and Preventing Dimming

When creating very long accent lighting runs over 5 meters, voltage drop can start to cause dimming and dark sections towards the end. This indicates insufficient power is reaching the entire length of the lights.

There are two ways to provide supplemental power:

1. Use a higher wattage power supply sufficient for the total length of lights. 

2. Add a power injector - an additional transformer that plugs into the RGB pins along the strip. Make connections as follows:

  • Connect the RGB of the male end of the strip to the transformer. connecting the red wire to the positive pole and the black wire to the negative pole.
  • Connect the RGB to the male end of the other strip light. If the red and black wires are not long enough, you will need to buy an extension lead.
  • Connect the male end of the first strip to the controller.
  • Connect the female end of the first strip to the male end of the second strip.
  • Switch on the transformer and test the effect.

This will re-power the lights and prevent any dark spots or inconsistencies in the lighting.

## Customizing Your Lighting Effect 

While Muzata’s RGB LED strip lights provide great lighting effects out of the box, you can further customize them to your space:

  • Diffusers soften and spread the light in a wider beam
  • Lenses and reflectors direct and focus the light  
  • Quick mounts make installation simpler
  • Controllers allow syncing to music or smart homes
  • Dimmers give manual brightness control

With the right accessories, you can achieve almost any aesthetic from vibrant party lighting to moody, subtle ambiance.

## Conclusion

Muzata’s AC1L and AC1T  RGB LED strip lights provide brilliant and energy-efficient LED lighting that can be configured into almost any shape and color. Follow the guidelines above for installing, powering, and customizing, and you’ll be all set to add eye-catching accent lighting to your space that makes an impression.

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